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New feature: Is Silence Always Golden?

Silence and talkoverA relatively new feature called cross-talk and silence detection has been added within call recording software, which can be used in contact centers to evaluate calls.

So, what exactly is cross-talk and silence detection?

Well, the recorder stores the length and percentage of pauses or holds and detects cross–talk periods, when both parties speak at the same time.


Dealing with Dead Air

woman phone yawningDoes this sound familiar?  “I called the contact center to query something and guess what?  No sooner had the agent said ‘hello’, I was placed on hold for ages… I  was so annoyed!”

Picture the scenario: you contact your electricity company and during most of your call you hear dead air (periods of silence).  This can be a frustrating experience for a customer and if there are prolonged periods of silence during a call, it can leave a customer perplexed as to what is going on!  Don’t forget a few seconds silence for the agent during a phone call can seem like forever for the customer.

Here is how Verba can help you reduce dead air.