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Collaboration Compliance with Verba 8

Verba 8 Gearing UpThe release of Verba 8 is just around the corner. With this release, we turn our Verba Recording System, which captures voice, video and instant messages, into a fully fledged compliance solution for regulated industries.

This post is part of our Gearing up for Verba 8 series.


Legal Hold the way you always wanted

Verba 8 Gearing UpLegal hold is a key process for all organizations involved in litigation and regulatory action, you must make sure, all relevant information is preserved. Besides keeping the data, more importantly, you must be able to produce large quantities of this information at relatively short notice. Business disputes, employment matters, personal injury cases are just a few examples of where a good legal hold process is vital. In order to do this, you need effective tools and resources in place to deal with such requests.

We believe our solution is one of the best on the market, to discover, analyze data and ensure legal hold on large amounts of data. Above all, this can be done directly by legal analysts, without micromanagement from the IT team. A win-win for both parties.

This post is part of our Gearing up for Verba 8 series.