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‘Can you hold please?’

Upset on the phoneHave you ever heard of the saying, ‘All good things come to those who wait’?  Well in certain instances, this may well be the case, but in other instances this certainly isn’t!  Imagine you’re waiting in a queue for half an hour and it’s your turn to talk to the advisor at the end of the phone, only to hear the words, ‘Can you hold please?’  Infuriating isn’t it?  At one time or another, many of us have experienced or will experience this common frustration…being kept waiting at the end of the phone.

Good customer service is crucial to maintain customer satisfaction, confidence and loyalty.  Sometimes the processes in place do not work and can unfortunately result in a poor customer experience.

The consumer champion ‘New Which’ conducted an investigation into sixteen energy companies and the durations they were placed on hold.  They contacted the companies at different times of the day and found that the durations varied widely-between twenty one seconds to twenty-nine minutes!


Focusing on the right calls with Verba Speech Analytics

Call Center Supervisor Silent MonitoringIn February this year, as part of our regular quality assurance we have started to apply the integrated Verba Speech Analytics solution to the contact center of one of our long time customers in the Caribbean.

Customer service is one of their key differentiators, so they were happy to work with us fine-tune and perfect our solution. They run highly focused and cost-effective contact center services on behalf of their North American customers. Speech analytics, and specifically Speech Search turns out to be a powerful tool for their contact center supervisors.


Cisco UCCX Integration with Verba

Cisco logoFor contact centers to operate effectively it is essential to monitor and measure the productivity of agents. This week we would like to highlight how the Verba Recording System provides deep integration with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) to enrich your recorded customer interactions.


New feature: Is Silence Always Golden?

Silence and talkoverA relatively new feature called cross-talk and silence detection has been added within call recording software, which can be used in contact centers to evaluate calls.

So, what exactly is cross-talk and silence detection?

Well, the recorder stores the length and percentage of pauses or holds and detects cross–talk periods, when both parties speak at the same time.


Dealing with Dead Air

woman phone yawningDoes this sound familiar?  “I called the contact center to query something and guess what?  No sooner had the agent said ‘hello’, I was placed on hold for ages… I  was so annoyed!”

Picture the scenario: you contact your electricity company and during most of your call you hear dead air (periods of silence).  This can be a frustrating experience for a customer and if there are prolonged periods of silence during a call, it can leave a customer perplexed as to what is going on!  Don’t forget a few seconds silence for the agent during a phone call can seem like forever for the customer.

Here is how Verba can help you reduce dead air.

How call recording improves customer service

Businesswoman with headset microphoneHave you ever considered call recording as a means to improve your customer service? One can use call recordings to identify customer service problems and proceed to find the appropriate method in solving these issues.


Are You using Silent Monitoring in Your Contact Center?

Call Center Supervisor Silent MonitoringIn contact centers and finance industry the ability to monitor and assist in real time during customer communication, provides extra benefits. Let’s focus on silent monitoring today.