Get a Verba Quote in 5 minutes

Verba welcomes its customers and partners to try our new online Get a Quote tool. You will get the right quote at the right time with only a few clicks.

This is part of our efforts to simplify the life of our customers and partners.

Online quote request tool
for customers and partners

We are introducing an online quote request solution called Get a Quote, for our customers and partners:

  • shorten time spent on qualifying your requirements,
  • shorten time-to-quote,
  • explain product possibilities during the process.

This is clearly the best and fastest way to request a quote from Verba.

Here is the link to the tool:

In a nutshell the tool first asks a couple of simple, guided questions about your requirements. Then based on your selection additional details may be requested. Even the most complicated customer scenarios can be finalized in no more than 5 minutes.

Check out the example screenshot from the tool below:

Verba Get a Quote

Contact one of our experts who will quickly guide you through the process should you have any questions.

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