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Call Recording Benefits Small Businesses

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Traditionally large corporations and call centers have been viewed as the main customer base  for call recording technology. In fact, call recording solutions are actually a cost-effective option for small businesses.

Today it certainly isn’t a case of  ‘one size fits all.’ The Verba Call Recording System is a flexible, scalable solution which can be utilized by either a minimal number of users or hundreds of thousands of  users. The business needs of companies whether large or small can be accommodated easily in the call recording technology market.


Are you living on the Collaboration Edge?

Cisco logoRecently at the Collaboration Summit in Boca Raton, Florida, Cisco announced a range of new Collaboration Edge products that will make collaboration between internal and external parties in an organization even more seamless. Our team was there promoting our new Collaboration Recording strategy.

External communications that had to be recorded for compliance reasons are now shifting completely to a next generation borderless UC infrastructure, where the concept of inside and outside of the organization becomes a more and more blurred and virtual line. Let’s look at the new Cisco collaboration products and how Verba helps you stay compliant using these products.


How call recording improves customer service

Businesswoman with headset microphoneHave you ever considered call recording as a means to improve your customer service? One can use call recordings to identify customer service problems and proceed to find the appropriate method in solving these issues.


Four major trends in Call Recording

Cisco Connect DubaiIn the last three weeks, we had the opportunity to talk to many of our call recording partners and customers at trade-shows in the US, in Europe and in the Middle East. Although there are regional differences, from New York to Dubai, there are common trends that no one in our industry can ignore. Back from travelling, we sat down and brainstormed.


Recording all calls likely to become standard within a decade

Call recording for business useIf you’re in the market for a new phone system, you owe it to your business to choose a unified communications solution. Unified communications opens up a world of possibilities — with collaboration, video, presence, unified messaging, and many other features, you can improve productivity and expand the user experience. Call recording is one of the new applications you might consider.