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Skype for Business Partner Conversation

Watch Microsoft’s Business Partner conversation with Gabor Moczar, Director of Product Management and discover more about our Skype for Business solution.

For further information, contact one of our experts.

Announcing Verba 8.4

Verba 8 Gearing UpRecently we released Verba 8.4.

This release includes brand new functions such as Communication Policies, Content Filtering, and Shared Servers. There are also several additions to expand the functionality of Verba’s current feature set, like new integration options for Compliance Stores.

Organizations in regulated industries record hundreds and thousands of conversations (IM, phone calls, video calls, etc.) and such interactions have to be stored, archived and produced (when requested). Verba has developed an ideal solution.

Let’s take a look. (more…)

Introducing…Your Peace of Mind

Verba CDR Reconciliation ZenIs your recording solution working? What happens if it’s not? How do you know?

When the recording takes place in a client’s environment, it is critical that no recordings are lost. This is crucial for regulatory reasons. Traditionally, especially within the financial services industry, call recordings were manually checked by staff to see if they appeared on the system. You can imagine how difficult it is to tell if all calls have been recorded or not.

Let us introduce one of the main new features of your Verba solution… your peace of mind.


Verba at Cisco Live 2015

CL 2015 (crp)Last week, Team Verba were in San Diego for Cisco Live 2015.

Thousands of IT professionals gathered together at the Convention Center over four days to engage, interact and learn at Cisco’s annual premier event.


Partner Success – EUS Networks

World profitsEUS NetworksVerba works with hundreds of partners, resellers and distributors across the world to provide a versatile call recording solution for end users. Let’s take a look at just one of these many successful partner relationships…

…in 2011, EUS Networks became a Verba partner. The company specializes in telephony integration  in the United States, which supply different elements of telephony components and provide an integrated solution for thousands of customers.


Verba Compliance Store Integrations

Verba Compliance StoreFor regulated organisations, instant message archiving, phone and video call recording are essential requirements for compliance reasons. Recorded calls need to be stored, archived and produced efficiently. Archiving the recorded information into trusted compliance stores is a perfect solution.

In Verba 8.0 we have added the fundamental building blocks for future compliance store integrations. Since 8.0, we have released integration with Actiance Vantage, NetApp SnapLock and EMC Isilon SmartLock.

Currently, we are finalizing integrations with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Smarsh, EMC Centera and working on our first cloud storage integrations (Azure Storage and Amazon S3).


Role-based access control in Verba

Verba RolesThis blog post was fairly easy to write.

The Verba solution has a very flexible access control solution. Initially we decided to provide an overview, but then we realized, the best way is to just show you one single screenshot: our role configuration page. Users, Groups, Roles and our Sharing system let’s you solve complex access control scenarios.