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Sense – Where Everything Starts to Make Sense

This chapter of our release series introduces Verint Verba Sense, the intelligent speech analytics module of the Verint Verba enterprise compliance platform. At the same time, we will unleash one of the most anticipated feature improvements of the product.

Read on to find out how the fine-grained technology behind Sense brings communication surveillance and advanced analysis capabilities for credit institutions, investment firms, trading floors and corporate finance, among other verticals.


Assure – Build Compliance on Sound Foundations

Conversation and collaboration recording for compliance and quality management purposes has become widespread. But what about the quality? And more importantly, how to make sure that your recording solution works properly? With Verint Verba, your business can take the guesswork out of your compliance recording efforts to mitigate risk and avoid non-compliance fines.

In this episode of our Elements of Compliance series, we would like to briefly highlight Verint Verba Assure, our recording assessment and voice quality assurance module.


Archive – The Enterprise Communication Archive

This post introduces some of the most important features of Verint Verba Archive, a stronghold in our portfolio. This module of Verint Verba provides a sophisticated archival policy framework to define rules for data retention, validation, access and storage. Based on your business preferences you can select from streamlined features to accelerate search, ensure data integrity and enable seamless compliance investigations.


Capture – Redefining Unified Communications Recording

This post of the Verint Verba 9 release series uncovers Verint Verba Capture, the reliable compliance recording component that is packed with flexible, innovative tools to define and manage your current and future recording needs.

You can record not only voice calls but all communication sources including instant messages (IM), video, desktop screens, application and content sharing, whiteboarding, Q&A, and polls. This ever-increasing list ensures your ability to capture your corporate communications and customer interactions with a single unified platform.


Regulate – Proactive Communication Compliance


This piece of the Verint Verba 9 release blog series spans our unique proactive communication governance module. Designed to help your business effectively enforce communication and content policies for ethical, compliance, legal or privacy reasons, Verint Verba Regulate marks a paradigm shift in the regulatory compliance scene.

This proactive compliance module offers streamlined, reliable and secure features that allow businesses to start acting instead of just reacting by applying collaboration policies in real time. (more…)

Introducing the Elements of Compliance

Verint Verba 9 will be launched in London at Verint Engage EMEA 2017. The release of Verint Verba 9 is not just a new version, but a reinvention of communications compliance. Building on the foundations of the previous major release, we bring you a new and exciting concept, the Elements of Compliance.

This structure breaks down the complexity of regulatory compliance to a universe of tangible products and third-party solutions where the different elements are interlaced with each other.


Verba Collaboration Compliance Platform is Now Citrix Ready

Verba Collaboration Compliance Platform has been verified as Citrix Ready. Customers can be confident that Verba has successfully completed a rigorous verification process to ensure compatibility with Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack, XenApp, and XenDesktop, providing confidence in joint solution compatibility.