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Handmade by Verba

Konigsegg CCX is handmadeAt Verba, we’re passionate about building things ourselves. There is a reason why the best sports cars, like the Koenigsegg, are handmade.

In the call recording industry where most solutions are built on third-party libraries and hardware cards, we are one of a handful of companies that actually develop their own call recording technology. The core value of everything we do at Verba is our 10 years of investment in world class intellectual property.


Unveiling Verba

verba-ball-logoOur core developer and support team works in the call recording industry since 1999. We have developed the successful Carin call recording product. This year we have decided to start fresh with a new identity and a more global commercial approach.

We have just launched our new Verba.com site, featuring our new Verba brand. The new brand and the site is the result of a cooperation between a great Swedish designer friend of ours and our own great web developers. The objective was to provide our customers a clean, yet informative experience.