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The Importance of Evaluation

Quality AssuranceIn any work environment the performance of employees is extremely important.  Regular appraisals are one way to evaluate employees’ productivity, reviewing areas where improvements may be required and highlighting successes too.  Within the contact center environment, it is essential that supervisors can evaluate their teams regularly to ensure standards are being adhered to and contact center agents are performing to their optimum.  The Verba Quality Management module is an effective solution. Managers can assess customer handling skills, sales abilities and techniques, product and service knowledge, technical knowledge, intonation, escalation procedures and adherence to policies and rules. (more…)

SIPREC recording for Broadsoft and Oracle Acme Packet

Broadsoft Oracle Acme PacketThere is a new call recording standard for Voice Over IP solutions, that gains traction in the market. More and more vendors are supporting SIPREC. Since our system is SIPREC compatible, it works with many vendors. This week, let’s take a closer look at our interoperability work with Broadsoft and Oracle Acme Packet, a combination that many of our service provider customers use.


Cisco Live 2014 – We are launching Verba Speech Analytics

Our team at Verba is proud of sponsoring Cisco Live  2014, the premier education and training destination for Cisco professionals. This year, Verba will be making a special announcement at the event…

Alongside launch partners ISI Telemanagement Solutions and Telekenex, Verba unveils the new Verba Speech Analytics solution, an integrated part of the Verba Collaboration Recording platform. Available as both a cloud-based and on-premise solution, Verba Speech Analytics works with Cisco, Lync and Broadsoft Unified Communications and can be used to analyze calls on any other platform and recording system.


What is Verba Speech Analytics?

Stop the press! We have added something new to the Verba Recording System. Today, we are introducing  Verba Speech Analytics.  This solution extends our Collaboration Recording offering and will enable businesses to refine their searches in Verba in a very special way.

So, what exactly is Verba Speech Analytics? Speech analytics is a process that retrieves information from your recorded calls. From now on you can not only detect silence/cross talk/talkover using Verba, but you can directly search for phrases in the recorded audio and video calls.


Focusing on the right calls with Verba Speech Analytics

Call Center Supervisor Silent MonitoringIn February this year, as part of our regular quality assurance we have started to apply the integrated Verba Speech Analytics solution to the contact center of one of our long time customers in the Caribbean.

Customer service is one of their key differentiators, so they were happy to work with us fine-tune and perfect our solution. They run highly focused and cost-effective contact center services on behalf of their North American customers. Speech analytics, and specifically Speech Search turns out to be a powerful tool for their contact center supervisors.