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Recording Cisco Jabber mobile calls

Cisco ISR routers with support for Jabber recordingSeveral customers have recently asked us if we can record Cisco Jabber mobile calls. Since we added a dial-in recorder service to the Verba recording platform, we were able to offer our customers a way to record their mobile calls. However with this solution the end-user manually had to initiate a three party conference where one of the parties was the recorder. Now we have a new more robust option.


Cisco MediaSense integration

Cisco MediaSenseIn the summer of 2012, our team added support for Cisco’s new MediaSense product. We call it the Verba Cisco MediaSense Connector. MediaSense is a great new way to record audio calls in a Cisco Unified Communication network.

Most recording projects will typically use Cisco MediaSense in concert with an another recording product such as ours. Since MediaSense is a media capture solution, it lacks enterprise-level access control, media life-cycle management, scalability and other advanced features like PCI-DSS, screen capturing and more.


Verba Call Recording verified Cisco Compatible

Cisco CompatibleVerba Recording System now fully supports Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.0 and 8.5, it is officially Cisco Compatible. Our team just came back from the tekVizion test lab in Texas and Verba have passed the official Cisco Interoperability Verification Test (IVT). This latest certification is the 4th compatibility certification we have achieved with Cisco Systems, across almost eight years of working with Cisco technology, following every new UCM version, new phone, gateway and firmware upgrade.